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    ​TOP 5 Requested Jobs​​

1. Change out light fixture

2. Replace rotten wood

3. Cabinet repair

4. Dryer & Vent Cleaning

5. Custom molding

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           Other Jobs Performed

  • Attic fan

  • Power-washing

  • Window treatment install

  • Furniture assembly

  • Small repairs

Currently servicing Batavia, IL and surrounding cities.

Check Out Our Work

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About Us

Keith Phillips-Handyman

Julie Phillips-Office Manager

My wife and I started Your Hometown Handyman with the goal of offering assistance to homeowners who need a little help.  We have been homeowners for over 30 years and have done most of our own repairs, maintenance and remodeling. Unlike many couples we enjoy working together on projects. Julie tends to be the idea person and Keith the executer of those ideas:)

DuBose, Batavia, IL

"A truly affable, hard-working guy! Julie is a gem, too! Fabulous problem solvers, they're a great team, and went above and beyond to tackle several pesky concerns I'd not been able to remedy on my own. I'm thrilled to have found them! Already got another list started!"

How can we help?

Thanks for contacting us!

Handyman Preventive Maintenance Plans

  • 1hr Monthly addressing items listed in the plan policy details.

    80 US dollars
  • Professional handyman will spend 90-min 4X per year addressing items ...

    125 US dollars
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